Press Release Writing

Press Release Writing

Public Relations are regarded as an integral part of any business. By periodically publishing pertinent news about the business, progress made, new arrivals or introduction of services etc. the business can keep the memory alive in their Customer’s mind always. Writing Press Releases for this purpose is a strategy followed in the business world.

People around the world are craving for news. Making use of this craving, the Digital Marketing professionals of businesses take advantage in advertising their Brands, Business and Services among their targeted audience. The tool used is Press Release. A
well-written Press Release, when published in appropriate online portals carrying Business News attracts thousands of readers at a time.

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There are certain norms for writing a Press Release or otherwise the network portals may refuse to publish them. The format used should be looking like a “press cutting”, which is totally different from a blog or article. There are restrictions even for the fonts
used in typing; heading; subheading and “news” value. It should not be glaringly an advertisement notice, lest it will be turned down from publication.

Experienced expert Press Release Writers of WordsGuru will cleverly use this Digital Marketing technique, to the best advantage of the website owners. The Press Release won’t apparently look like an advertisement, and yet it will convey what it should to the targeted audience of the website concerned.

In this context, websites can “advertise” their products, services, Brand or Business in the form of “news”.

Press Releases should be short in length and to be precise in using apt and ideal words, to impress the end-users or buyers. These Press Releases are allowed to publish website links twice like the Blog Posts. This facility serves very best in link-building process, to divert crowds of interested Consumers to the website, to greatly enhance the sales volumes.

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