Essentials Steps To Follow Start Blogging

Essentials Steps To Follow If Your Planning To Start Blogging

Blogging has become a common hobby nowadays, especially among youngsters! Some people do it merely as a hobby and some are seriously interested in it to earn some money online. But truth to be told, when it comes to earning money, things get a little bit challenging. If you are one of them who are looking for perfect guidance to start writing a blog to earn money, this blog is surely for you! 

There are two different ways in which you can start blogging and earn money. The first option is to become a full-time blogger at a content writing service where you will write blogs for various companies as per the requirements of their content marketing strategy. You will be paid the employee’s salary at the end of the month. But if you are more interested in starting independent blogging, you can go for the idea of becoming a freelance blogger with an individual blogging platform. In this case, you can decide your own rules of earning money and become a freelance blogger. Easy peasy right?

This blog will help you with valuable information so that you can take proper steps to become a successful blogger. Let’s get started! 

1. Find a niche for your blogging

The most important and initial step towards implementing the idea of blogging is to decide the niche for your blogs. You have to pre-decide the basic subject in which you are going to compose your blogs. For example, if you have great knowledge of technology or take great interest in gadgets, you should start writing on relevant topics of this subject. Finding the ultimate niche will also help you in deciding the name of your Blogging Platform. The name of your blog page should be identical to your niche for various SEO benefits. 

2. Get a Domain!

The second most important step is to get a domain. Since you are starting as a freelance blogger, you must have a unique online identity over the internet. You can get your domain for free at Blogger- Google’s own content management system. You can also get your domain free by registering various free Web Hosting providers. But if you are interested in more security and effective blogging experience, you can consider buying domain names as per your chosen name and register them with an SSL certificate. Our blog writing service always prefers security over the cheap! 

3. Find a Good Web hosting Provider!

A Web Hosting provider is very important for effective CMS operation and website creation. You can either contact a provider at your service or can register your domain at online hosting panels such as WordPress. You can also enjoy free hosting services as internet lots to offer. But for better security, it suggested going for a highly rated and trusted hosting provider or platform. 

4. Create a Website!

After registering your domain at a Web Hosting provider’s H panel, you can proceed to build your website on the C panels of your chosen CMS platform. For example, if you have chosen WordPress- one of the most popular blogging CMS. Here you can customize your website very effortlessly even if you don’t have effective knowledge in coding. This CMS has free/paid plugins for various themes and add-on features that you can enjoy without being bothered by coding difficulties. You can install themes, forms, layout design features, security tools, webmaster tools, cache tools, and many more. But if you are still feeling lazy doing all these things on your own, you can simply contact an expert website builder who can do the job for you! 

5. Start Blogging!

Once you are done with your website customization, you can finally start your blogging. Make sure you are creating proper post categories to keep your blog posts in an organized manner. The C panel of your content management system allows you to operate all post categories effectively. Here is a quick suggestion, make sure your blogs are SEO-friendly. This implies that the blogs you are writing and posting on your blogging platform contain a sufficient amount of relevant keywords that they are getting ranks in the google SERP list. The more your traffic audience is, the more success you are getting through your blogging!

6. Start Earning!

If you are using Blogger and have gained a good SERPs rank on Google, Google will automatically list ads on your website for free. Through PPC orders, you will get paid through these advertisements. If you are using WordPress you can optimize your site with SEO plugins and Google ads for PPC earnings. You can also start affiliate marketing through your blogs and earn up to 15% commission on featured products. While blogging you also provide freelancing blogging services to various companies or clients over the internet as a freelancing blog writing service. 

So these are the easy and effective ways to get started with your blogging step by step and start earning money. You can either take expert help from experienced writers and web builders while implementing the ideas on the e-platform. Follow these steps and start your own blogging platform. All the best!