General Information On COVID-19

General Information On COVID-19: About The Disease, Safety, Risks, Effect on Today’s Economy

The outbreak of coronavirus has led to a drastic change in the entire universe. The Spread of the novel coronavirus is wreaking havoc from Wuhan located in Hubei which is the province of china. This virus first spread in December 2019 and has continued its spread from then. All the ones who were infected from this virus for the first time were directly linked with the Seafood market which lies in South China. From that time, then the market has been closed by the government. 

What Coronavirus is?

Coronavirus is a virus but very different from other viruses. It is a cluster of different viruses that can directly aim to affect the respiratory system. It leads to respiratory illness and that is one of the reasons this novel coronavirus is very dangerous to human life. WHO has named it as COVID-19 which states Coronavirus Disease 2019. This virus is pandemic because it has killed a lot of human lives around the globe. 

To go for Coronavirus Fight, one must know that social distancing is a must. The incubation period of this dangerous virus exposes within the time frame of 14 days. 

Some of the common symptoms seen in the patient suffering from COVID-19 are listed below-

  1. Fever
  2. Cough
  3. Shortness of Breath.

What should we know-

  1. This virus is spread through the bodily fluid of the person like their droplets while they are coughing.
  2. Make sure not to touch the hands on the eyes or mouth as it can lead to the infection inside. 
  3. This virus ends up spreading through person to person, so try and maintain social distancing with people.
  4. Do wash the hands frequently. 
  5. Try to boost immunity so that the person’s body can fight against all the viruses.

Important Information: make a note that this virus is much dangerous and deadly as compared to any other pandemic that might have taken place in the recent past. It has a huge impact on the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome that ends the capacity of holding the breath all together and a person fell sick. 

Who are at Risk?

As the reports suggest, all the people who have been travelling around the world might end up getting the virus attack on their bodies. Such people are high at risk for this virus infection according to WHO. They even state that this virus outbreak can lead to a lot of threats to human life because it can affect a lot of people altogether. Merely the simple disinfection of the disease can lead to dispose of this novel virus. 

So, one should go for the coronavirus fight by taking maximum precautions possible. This will not only help in protecting an individual, but it can even lead to better health for the people living near you.

Save yourself from the virus attack by following ways-

  1. While sitting at home, you can look forward to various ways in which you can boost the immune system that can help in increasing the power of the body to fight against all the viruses.
  2. Don’t forget to wash your hands even when you are staying at home all the time. 
  3. Try and follow the lockdown rule that is stated by the government because safety is a must.

How Has The Pandemic Affected The Economy of The World?

 Due to the widespread of this novel coronavirus, almost every country has instructed its citizens to stay locked in. this lockdown can help in creating social distancing, but on the other hand, it has created big trouble in the finance sector. Companies are not allowed to open their offices in this lockdown situation. 

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