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How Wordsguru Embraced the Change and Revived itself During the Critical Time of COVID-19?

Once Wordsguru had taken out the time for acknowledging how fortunate we were to operate in Digital, it was time for us to evaluate if the current content approach requires any adjustments as per the current events. So, we spent hours, putting ourselves in the shoes of several clients out there. We tested a range of keywords to check which ones have displayed a trend during the Coronavirus outbreak as well as which may need a bit of attention from the content marketers. 

Our interactions during the initial months with a majority of brands that we were planning to work or our existent clients were about the same thing i.e., “Our operations are at a standstill, must we still be spending bucks on creating content or marketing? And even if we do so, then what is there to talk or communicate about since we can’t sell right now?” 

We came up with an impressive answer i.e., Due to COVID-19, most brands and industries have stopped or highly decreased spending money in terms of advertising. Now it means that due to low competition, bid prices have gone low on every digital platform such as Google and Facebook. This refers to the fact that there is a much higher Return on Investment (ROI) in comparison to the times of pre-pandemic. The price of advertising has been reduced a lot. Now if you see a situation like this, it is evident that you must be generating content. 

 Consistent communication, frequent reminders, and persistent efforts are a few rules of this game that Wordsguru has stuck to and that is what has made us eligible for the play. 

Now, let’s take a brief look at how we focused on making the most out of this pandemic and creating a stellar piece of content – 

Extensive R&D

In terms of identifying the most relevant procedures in content marketing and writing, Research tops the list and that is exactly what we, at Wordsguru, did from the very beginning. The majority of this process included gathering Intelligence. Firstly, we aimed at Marketing Intelligence i.e., the art of recognizing the audience, their pains, and purchasing behavior, along with framing the type of content that they would love to read.

Then our specialists focused on the topic research which constituted a thorough subject exploration for acquiring sufficient details to produce a valuable and overarching piece of content. 

Keeping up with the Keyword Trends

Since the beginning of the outbreak, we noticed that there has been a major shift in top-performing and prominent keywords online, making the utilization of Google Trends inevitable for content writing over the next few months. 

For those who don’t know, Google Trends gather data in real-time along with helping you produce a relevant piece of content that is more likely to earn such traffic from the get-go. While the other keyword trackers might only be upgraded monthly as well as don’t provide you with results that are as useful at the moment.

Moreover, the move to virtual workspaces, in a lot of cases the overnight decision, has caused a major shake-up which demonstrated a chance for us to generate targeted content. We got to know a few of the most recent keyword modifiers which have gained a lot of attention on the keyword aggregators included “remote”, “at-home” along with other associated phrases reflecting the current situation of the public. We considered this fact and aimed at adding these modifiers to the website or generate content around them for the clients. 

Focusing on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There were a lot of things that our content writers kept in mind while producing the content and the major one among all was the relevance of SEO. In the updated version of Keyword Research, considerations beyond technicalities were made that usually comes from field experience. At Wordsguru, our smart scribblers chose less competitive keyword for minimizing risks of getting dumped anywhere but on the 1st page of the search results. 

For us, “the simpler the better” has always been the motto. Utilizing active voice more than passive and keeping it to the point is what we have always focused on during all these years. Unless we write a piece for the academician or a special category of audience, we always keep it low-key on vocabulary but high on quality and readability. 

Betterment of Current Content

We decided that upgrading older pieces of content is the best way for increasing search engine rankings, and what can be a better time for pursuing this option than now as a long-term, second part of the upgraded plan for content writing? Our ideology behind this was simple. A few search engines will provide you with a better ranking for offering “fresh” content. Now, by improving keyword usage in the old piece of content, you can re-introduce it to these same engines as “latest” for getting benefit from the higher search engine rankings. 

Thanks to our thorough research before implementing this move, we got to know that most of the Google top search results for any given term will have been published in the previous year or two. Now, following the same strategy not only gave a boost to the search traffic generated from the older posts, but we also received a lot of marketing leads.

Because Sky is the limit for us!

History remembers only those brands which stood up and did something incredible while forgetting the one which did nothing, and Wordsguru has always worked harder for being in the first category. All those people who had doubts and fears about how would the content get their business through during these critical times, when interacted with us, got more confident regarding the significance of content marketing during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

Yes, these are crazy unpredictable times that we are living in. This mass crisis is when we witness the worst (and best) sides of humanity. However, as a web content writing firm striving to make a change in the market, we have also learned that content marketing is among the best ways for growing a brand. Keeping the fact in mind that this basic reality has not changed during these times, our writers are consistently working to write, do, and be better.