Choose Domain for Writing

How Can I Choose Domain for Writing

Domain name is the name given to your website, which acts as a signpost that will lead people to your site. Choosing a name that is linked to your business or product, makes it all a smoother and cleaner process to build your brand. Finding the perfect domain name can be harder than you think, considering that domain names sell cheaper. Which means the one you are hoping for might already be taken. That is why this process can take longer than you might expect. It will be easier to get help from a web content writer, as they are experienced and act as your guide.

The powerful influence your domain name can have on a visitor is immense, as this is the first thing a person notices about your website. This domain name is a gateway for a person to find you or your business. While a domain should be easy to remember, it should also be highly relevant and give a glimpse of what your business is about. A domain name consists of three main parts followed by a protocol(HTTP//). The first is a subdomain(www.), followed by domain name(website name) and a top-level domain(.com,,etc.)

If you have a content writing company, blog, or business-related to any sort of writing website, it is recommended you choose a domain name after deliberate consideration. You can contact a professional writing company to help you in scoring the perfect domain name. While choosing a domain name for a writing-based website, here are few crucial things to keep in mind.

1.Keep it Simple

While choosing a domain name, keep in mind that it is easier for people to remember relevant and easier names than those that do not make proper sense. The easier your domain name is to remember, the more accessible it will be for people. Avoid using numbers, symbols, hyphens or any other, until and unless absolutely necessary. Using a keyword related to the subject of your website is always a great way to give people a hint of what you do, to attract the targeted audience. For example, including the words writing, pen, services, or content writing can help you attract the proper clients for your business. Hire a content writer to find you the perfect, tailor-made domain name to compliment your website.

2. Use a Relevant Keyword

Using a relevant word in your domain name helps give people an idea about your business, company or website’s purpose. While creating a domain name for a content writing services website, it is essential to use words such as ‘words’, ‘write’,’ writer’, to make sure your domain name aligns with your website’s content. The domain name should, if anything, complement your website’s content. Suggestively, it is better to keep the name short and precise, as long names can be easily confused, misspelled or forgotten. You are allowed 67 characters in a domain name at max. While selecting a keyword, keep in the mind your targeted audience. If you are aiming your services at a particular community or city, including the city’s or community’s name would be ideal to indulge more visitors.

3.Choose a TLD Wisely

TLD is the top-level domain,  and are also called extensions. Used at the end of web addresses, these suffixes can give your domain a unique edge. The .com is one of the most popular and widely used TLD, at any given point, given the fact it is also, the oldest. Because it is the oldest, it can be difficult to get a short domain name, using .com that hasn’t already been taken. Some new TLD’s are making their way on the web, that are worth experimenting with. Such,.photography and more.You can choose from a huge sea of options available including .co(for companies, communities and commerce websites, .info(informational),.net(technical),.org(for nonprofit and noncommercial organizations),.biz(commercial websites, and .me(for blogs and personal websites).

You are not required to build a website for every domain, you can simply forward any additional domains to your main website. For a digital content writing website, .com would be the perfect extension, albeit you can get the one you like. You can also redirection to host landing pages on your main website. To do this, you will have to first get the other domain name to lead it to the landing page.

4.Catchy and attractive name

Using a name that is catchy, will make sure people remember you name for a longer period of time. Using a name that is unique, coincides with your brand name, is a great way for branding.’ Youtube’ and ‘Google’ are a great example, as seeing that these aren’t real words. Using a unique name will help to establish your brand, and it will be easier to memorize. Use a name that is not too technical or jargonic or one that can be difficult to pronounce. Use a name that sounds legitimate and trustworthy, as a suspicious name can ward off the visitors quicker than you might like. A professional writing company can be of great help and suggest unique domain names that suit your product or business.


Before deciding on a domain name, one of the most important steps is to ensure that the domain name hasn’t been registered before. Ensure that the selected domain hasn’t been trademarked or copyrighted or in use by another brand or content writing company. If not cautious, this could result in legal lawsuits and more undesirable situations.

6. Be Quick

Domain names sell cheap and are easily available for registering. This means it is not easy to be able to get a domain name that hasn’t been taken before. Always keep your options open and pick a selection of different names in case, the one you want is already taken. There are numerous websites and content writing services available that can suggest you alternative names that aren’t registered or taken yet.

For more information and help regarding generating and scoring the perfect domain name for your website, you can contact