When should you update old content?

Your content of the website is the best sales tool for your website. As it is rightly put up-

Content is not the king, it is the kingdom.

This acronym best epitomizes the importance of having good, authentic, and fresh content for your website. Great content has the capacity of roping in the interest of the audience instantly. The unique content that you create communicates your message, educates your web audience, and motivates them to purchase your products and services.

A high quality, informative and authentic content is one of the most important aspects that have the capacity to allure clients and create interest in your business. It is imperative on your part to hire a professional content writer to update old content for enticing the target audiences and make them glued to your website.


Here are some of the questions put forth about why one should update the old content-

Q1. Are you interested in boosting your rankings on Google and other search engines?

A.  If yes, then good and authentic content will surely help you out. Updating your old content to a new one can work wonders. Keep writing content and producing more content can be complex and takes time, and so making updates to your old content is the best and effective option to go for. So, for increasing the effectiveness of your SEO efforts and boosts your search engine traffic, you can update your old content and give yourself an improved score of authenticity.

Q2. Is ‘Content’ the reason that my website is getting little or no search traffic?

A. Yes, not having good content can affect the traffic of your website. It is important that your first check the analytics to see which posts are bringing in little or search traffic. Make a priority list, which content has more potential value, and begin updating that first. Doing nothing will not help your content to rise in the SERPs magically.

Q3. Could the outdated content information affect the traffic to my website?

A.  Yes, outdated content is equal to bad content. Even if your content is driving decent traffic, you should make sure all your content is up-to-date. Failing to update the content showcases poorly of your brand. Also, wrong information given to the people who land on your content maligns your image and puts up a doubt of your credibility in their minds. Hire a writer for unique and optimized content so as to get good traffic to your website.

Q4. Do I need to update the content to add or remove links?

A. If content links to resources on other sites do not work then it annoys your visitors. The visitors get super annoyed only to discover the message “whoops, the page not found”. It is therefore important to update your older blog content to link to other resources on your own site. Also, it is a great opportunity to link to the pages that did not exist when your old content piece was published.

Q5. Does an update of content required for adding images or videos?

A. Visual appeal helps your readers, process new information and ideas; increase engagement and help readers remember you. Content is not all about words, it is the perfect blend of words and visual pictures that gives a clear idea about your offerings to your target audience about your offerings and brand. So, you want to change add or update the images or videos, you need to update the content and have a new blog post matching those updated images and videos.

Q6. Can I give a second chance to my original content by updating it?

A.  Yes, why not? Not every article or blog hits a six in the first go. Sometimes great content also gets ignored. It could be for any number of reasons – it is not promoted well, the content was poorly optimized, nobody heard of your brand or website at the time it was published, or maybe people did not require your content then. So here is a chance you can go back, revaluate your content, analyze where it went wrong, and update it.

Q7. Can updating content help more people discover my content?

A. Yes, updating and republishing the content gives you another chance to help people discover it. Promote your content on various social media platforms. Promote it in your email newsletter. The odds are that people who discover it and share it now have missed it the first time around. Update and promote your content if you want more people to discover it.