Press Release Writing Services in India

Why Words Guru for Press Release Writing Services in India?

Low-cost press release creation and distribution to effectively capture media attention and increase your search exposure…

Words Guru is a full-service press release writing firm that can help you create a feature narrative announcing your participation in industry events, the introduction of new goods and services, personnel promotions, sales milestones, recognition and awards, and so on.

The company provides SEO press release dissemination services in addition to product news release authoring. The company bases its news press releases on a thorough personal conversation with you, as well as extensive study of your industry, business, goods, services, or solutions to provide in-depth coverage of the press release’s major points.

Words Guru’s press release writing services assist you in making your news piece stand out. This is why:

Specialized press release writing staff: You can rely on the company to develop well-written press releases, since they have a team of highly experienced press release writers.

Press releases that are unique and newsworthy: Crisp, straightforward, and to-the-point news pieces centered by “grabber” headlines that capture readers’ attention.

The company sends your media release writing to relevant online Press Release directories as well as major news search engines such as Google, Yahoo News, and others.

Press release optimization services: To help you rank better in Internet search results, Words Guru keyword optimizes your press releases, employs semantic tagging, includes alt tags for simple image searchability, and includes anchor text links guiding your readers to your business website.

Quick turnaround time: This ensures that your news press release remains relevant and up to date.

Cost-effectiveness: Because the company believes in providing value to its clients, Words Guru offers low-cost press release writing.

Complete ownership: You own your news press release completely, allowing you to reprint or redistribute it to as many media outlets as you like.

Experience and dependability: The company has over a decade and a half of experience pleasing clients all around the world, making them a highly trusted press release writing firm.

Why do you require press release writing assistance?

Press releases are created to keep your shareholders, vendors, partners, and consumers up to date on the latest developments, events, or actions affecting your company. They highlight the good features of your organization and aid in the development of trust and credibility in the eyes of prospective consumers, as well as instill confidence in those who may choose to invest in your firm. In some ways, a press release is a reputation-builder, and its importance cannot be overstated. As a result, if you want your press releases to have the intended impact, having them created by a professional press release writing firm is a must.

Advantages of SEO press releases that is brief and well-written

Improved reputation: Regularly disseminating news releases around the virtual world can help you position yourself as an expert in your field.

Readability: One of the reasons that press releases are such powerful marketing tools is because readers see them as news rather than advertisements. A newsletter, on the other hand, appears to be an unbiased viewpoint, but an advertisement appears to be blowing your own horn. As a result, the substance of a newsletter is more likely to affect prospects than self-congratulatory advertising.

Spreading the word: A press release may assist you in informing the public about the most recent actions relating to your organization. For example, when you debut a product, you may inform the entire world about it by issuing a press release. It is currently one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques accessible.

Why do you require the assistance of professionals?

Words Guru, for example, has various things to include in the text to make it the top press release writing service in India.

The organization has frequently seen that many people mix the writing style of a press release with the tone of a news story, which may be rather problematic. However, as a professional content writing firm, they have professionals that understand this fine line and can write a flawless press release.